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Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Progressive Lenses

There are several types of eyeglasses---single-vision lens, bifocal or trifocal lens. If you require a different strength in your lenses to view far and near objects, you can consider the last two options. However, if you are willing to opt for a no-line multifocal lens, then a progressive additional lens is the right choice for you.

Definition of progressive lenses

People need progressive corrective lenses to view distant and close-up objects clearly. By wearing these lenses, you can see the object at multiple distances. There is no need for a bifocal line in this case. As age increases, the demand for progressive lenses rises. When people suffer from presbyopia (difficulty viewing nearby objects), they resort to progressive lenses to compensate for this vision issue.

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Benefits of progressive lenses

There are certain benefits of progressive lenses Malaysia as listed below:

  1. One pair of eyeglasses: Some individuals are of the opinion that a progressive lens is better than a single-vision lens as it enables them to view clearly at several distances without the need to carry a second set of eyeglasses. A progressive lens effectively does the job of a single-vision lens and reading glasses.
  2. Youthful appearance: Being an aged person, if you have a desire to look young, you can bank on these lenses, as bifocal and trifocal glasses will make you feel self-conscious. You will feel more comfortable while wearing a progressive lens due to the absence of a visible line.

Disadvantages of using progressive lenses

There are several drawbacks of progressive lenses Malaysia as listed below:

  1. Temporary vision distortions: The bottom portion of a progressive lens is magnified. When you read something, this will come in handy. But, when your eyes look below when walking upstairs or stepping off a curb, these lenses will make your feet appear larger. Hence, it will be difficult for you to gauge the step.
  2. Costlier than single-vision lenses: Another disadvantage of using a progressive lens is that it is costlier than a single-vision lens. However, the progressive lenses are amazing as they come with three prescriptions in a single pair of glasses.
  3. You have to learn how to view through the lens: Both bifocals and trifocals come with a visible line. So, you can easily determine where to look for concrete vision. On the contrary, progressive lenses don’t have a line, and hence, it will be a tough affair for the first-time wearers. Generally, it takes two to three weeks to learn how to view through the lens.
  4. Some frames aren’t compatible: As you know, there are several types of progressive lenses, but not all frames are compatible. When buying new frames, you should remember that progressive lenses clear your vision at three distances, and all viewing areas must go well with the frames. If your frames are small, they may not accommodate the bottom viewing area, and this will have a significant impact when you view things nearer to you. Also, some progressive lens styles may make you look odd.

As you can understand, there are both advantages and disadvantages to using progressive lenses Malaysia. However, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages of using a progressive lens. So, you may be in a dilemma about which eyeglasses to use to meet your vision requirements. Whatever you choose, ensure you get a correct vision while being comfortable at the same time.

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